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Have you ever said "I wish I had more live music."? If you answered

"Yes!" then consider the advantages that Singles* can offer. Singles

The name says it all. Not limited to one particular genre, Singles'*

specialty of performing hit singles with a danceable back-beat that

will rock the house with anything from today's newest hits to classic

rock, blues, funk and R&B. It's true Rock 'n Roll is more precious

than personality or cleverness!

 Singles'* trademark commitment to good times, keeps them on

the stage and dancers on the floor longer than most bands. Add

amazing charisma and commanding stage presence, and you've

got an excited, energetic crowd. Singles* has performed at

private parties clubs and events in Snohomish, King and Yakima

counties. Singles is more than just a highly professional and

experienced Classic rock  cover band, they are artists, and your

nightclub, private or corporate event is their canvas.


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